DVD’s are a way of the Past

Posted by on June 2, 2011 in Blog | Comments Off on DVD’s are a way of the Past

USB Thumb Drive

Like the BETA and VHS, the DVD is on it’s way out. Even Blu Ray touted by Sony as the greatest format beating out HD DVD’s by Toshiba , is going to move out. The quality of a Standard DVD is just not there to be shown on the HDTV’s we see now.

As a way to show our clients we are ahead of the mainstream crowd and want to show them they get the very best with us in not only service , but product we have moved towards delivering the final product as a H264 file which can be played on a vast amount of devices including your computer. It will be delivered on a USB Flash drive and optimized for our clients to load up to You Tube, Vimeo , Face book and any other favourite social media platform. Our clients will also have the option from there to burn their own DVD or Blu Ray should they choose to go that route.

The best part is you can make copies and store the video on USB Thumb Drives, Hard drives, Cloud servers always making sure you have a copy.

The devices that play H264 are many. Here are a few examples:

Apple TV


ASUS O! Play

D-Link Boxee

Apple TV