Face Book and Your Wedding video

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Face Book Page with comments from friends

Had the great pleasure of filming a wedding this past weekend and the couple were heading off to see the grooms family in another country. I created a recap to music selected by the couple an had it up and to them within a few days. It  of course ( not to brag) was a hit. the bride was soo happy she posted the clip on Face Book to show her friend that couldn’t be there .


Thanks for sharing the video – M….. told us all about it and it was so nice to be able to see

I could watch that all day!


By looking at this video it is truly obvious that you guys are deeply in love. The wedding looks absolutely amazing with no detail gone unnoticed

You really can watch it all day. See? I have watched it twice!

I have watched it 5 times now. I love it!

This video is great! Your wedding looked amazing! Congratulations you made a beautiful bride.

Wow now that is what I call a wedding video…..Congratulations!!!!

I was so excited to see that within 24 hrs people were watching and loving the video. It made everyone feel like they were there. Some were and they loved watching it.

The point here is lots of people take photos and post , but I am able to get a video that shows the day and feeling that go with it done and shared in a short period of time that looks good and that couples can share quickly. So when you think about your wedding think about getting a video ( from me).


Thanks for taking the time to read.

Aydin Odyakmaz – Wedding filmmaker or what ever else you wanna call me.